"Ali makes working out fun! For the first time in my work-out career, I get excited to go to the gym and I am NOT a gym person. She's hilarious and makes the hour go by in a flash, but when you're done, she has somehow managed to kick your ass into shape without your knowledge. Plus she is really informed about nutrition and what needs to happen when you're out of the gym. Love Her! Love Her! Love Her... My biceps and abs love her too!"

Beth Dover

“ I’ve loved working out with Ali. And also doing cardio to broadway tunes. She is a lovely person whose fantastic personality makes it easy to forget she is kicking your ass. “ 

June Diane Raphael

"Ali P. whips my butt into shape two mornings a week and I love it. She actually makes it fun to get out of bed at 6am. She's professional, always has a specific work-out plan in mind, and she never misses a beat. And did I mention she makes your muscles bigger??"

Erik Baiers

“Working out with Ali is the best because it takes all of the thought and mental energy out of it for me! I can trust that if I go to see Ali twice a week, my body will be toned, fit and strong and it frees up my brain to concentrate on other important things like the new cast of Vanderpump Rules. Also, the hour always flies by because Ali is so much fun to be with. Without my twice weekly Ali training sessions, I would be lost. I’d show up at the gym, walk aimlessly from machine to machine, do a sit-up, read the subtitles of The View on one of the TV screens for a minute or two and call it a day! Ali really is the only reason I’m in shape and I’m so grateful to her! Get fit with Ali!”

Niki Schwartz-Wright

"I first met Ali in line at an arts and crafts store. (I KNOW....my big black ass buying yarn? hey...its happens). But...not to digress....! She approached me having watched a TV show that i was on the prior summer and just straight up told me..."YOU COULD BE HOT!!!...I CAN MAKE YOU HOT!". And...somehow, my 6'2 self believed her. So we started the next week working on making that a reality! She's spunky...amazing, present and knows what the hell she's talking about. She helped me transform my body to the strongest form I've had in the past 5 years and did it all with a smile! THANKS ALI!"

Scotty Granger

"After losing my mother (and grandmother) to obesity and diabetes I knew I needed to make a serious change in my life before the big 3-0 came down on me. What I thought would be a miserable and daunting search looking for a personal trainer has become such a rewarding and life changing experience. Trainer Ali doesn't see me as just a client, she really has become a friend and a coach helping me gain control over my body. Her knowledge and encouragements extends from the gym to the kitchen and your goals are her goals, too. I've already come such a long way because of her and even knowing how far I have yet to go, I always look forward to the workouts. I think we laugh just about as hard as we work. I couldn't be more thankful for her and what she's done for my body and spirit."

Nancy Jundi

"I recently returned from spending 4 months out of the country, and now I couldn't be happier to be back at the gym with Ali P. I'm surprised at how much I missed those beat-downs. Ali has gotten me into the best shape of my life. My arms are cut, my abs are tight, and I have a butt that never really existed before getting Fit With Ali. Her workouts are hard and horrible, but we truly have a blast, and I actually look forward to them."

Chris Romano

"I met Ali shortly after I had my first son and started working out with her as soon as I got the green light from my obstetrician. I wish I had met her 9+ months earlier! I had a tough pregnancy and gained way more weight than I should have, and so I knew that my journey to lose the baby weight was not going to be easy. But that's where I was wrong! Ali is patient, encouraging and incredibly motivational. She never made me feel bad about my progress (even when it was slow) and always inspired me to work hard and make an effort to do what was best for my body (in and out of the gym). I still remember hearing about her getting her pre-baby body back and I thought to myself that I was never going to be able to say that... however, though hard work, awesome workouts with Ali, and eating right I am proud to say that I have my pre-baby body back! I most definitely will continue to work out with her through my next pregnancy (TBD) and post-partum as well. I cannot say enough about how great Ali is and how lucky anyone is that gets to work out with her!"

Mia Lembke

"Ali P is an amazing trainer and an even better person. I've been training with her for almost a decade and the results have been fantastic. She has inspired me to raise my fitness goals and work harder.  Day in day out she is upbeat, prepared, and professional. It is clear that she sincerely cares about her clients success. I don't know exactly how she does it, but her sessions somehow manage to both kick my ass AND brighten my day. An added bonus is that she's hilarious and a great hang. Ali P is a keeper, straight up."

Chris Ceppi

"It has been an amazing experience training with Ali after I had my daughter. She's an incredibly knowledgable, energetic and dedicated trainer. What I love most about Ali's training style is her ability to challenge my body without it feeling like WORK! Her workouts are always different, fun and efficient, which is so important when you're a mom and don't have a lot of time to work out. She ensures you get the best possible workout for your fitness level but also provides great modifications (if needed) to all the exercises. Ali has definitely made it possible for me to get my pre-pregnancy body back!"

Karina Shin

"I tried for years to get significant results from going to the gym alone. Now, after just 4 months working with Ali, my body has changed dramatically. My chest has grown 2.5 inches and my biceps have grown 2 inches. I've lost 3 inches off my waistline and 8lbs of fat. Ali is knowledgeable, she gets the results I want, and most importantly she makes working out fun. I am the fittest and strongest I've ever been and I owe it all to Ali."

Pete Ritchie

"I can not believe what Ali P. has done for me. My cholesterol has dropped significantly. I've lost inches, but I've gained confidence. I never thought my arms could be so muscular and defined. And now I have a hot girlfriend! We just returned from Canada, where I did the Grouse Mtn hike from the bottom-STRAIGHT UP! I've had trainers before, but none like Ali P. My hour workout goes by so quickly with her. The results are amazing!" 

Jeff T.

"When it came time to get serious about my overall fitness, making the best use of time, space, energy, understanding, concept & execution were hugely important concerns. The smartest and most impactful hire of my entire life was Fit With Ali. I look and feel ten times as powerful and beautiful as I did at half my age. I walk with tremendous pride, sleep the soundest sleeps and surmount the biggest - and smallest - challenges that life daily throws in my way. All because this petite Jewish mom and her powerhouse personality gave me the tools, the toolbook and the time to get it RIGHT. If you start today, you’ll be giving yourself the best gift of your life. I am so glad I did!"

Andy Corren

"It took me A WHILE to get motivated to really get back in shape after I had my
daughter a year and a half ago, and training with Ali was the exact push I
needed. I really thought I had to say goodbye to my pre-baby body when I got
pregnant, but Ali has brought it back – even better than ever! Beyond majorly
toning me back up from head to toe, I am just generally feeling so much stronger
and have way more energy to take on all the physical tasks involved in chasing a
toddler around. I seriously used to HATE the gym but Ali is such a pleasure to be
with - she makes it so fun and easy, the time just flies by. I always felt like
personal training was such a luxury, but now I consider it a necessity cause it’s

so damn worth it!"

Ali Maldoff

"A few months after the birth of my son, the time finally came when I was ready to make a change and try to get back into shape.  I met Ali through a mommy group as she had also recently had a baby, and I enlisted her help in trying to get my body back.  I was scared to work out again because I still lacked energy and my body had clearly changed, and I wasn't sure I could find the time.  Let me just say that it was one of the best decisions that I could have made.  She is a wonderful, patient coach and made me feel comfortable and excited to exercise.  She understood what my body had been through, so she knew what exercises were appropriate and really helped to ease my transition.  I would whole-heartedly recommend her to any new moms who want to jump back into the fitness game!"

Michelle DiMeo

"Ali P. is so much more than a trainer. She's a motivator, nutrition expert, and a friend. My wife and I go to Ali at 6am and she is always waiting for us with a smile. She's always on time, professional and a joy to workout with. No matter how we feel crawling out of bed at 5am, we feel amazing by 7am - all because of Ali. We never would have thought we'd look forward to getting our butts kicked that early in the morning, but we do! Oh, and she's great with couples. My wife and I workout with Ali together and she knows exactly how to motivate each of us in a unique way. 5 stars for Ali! (out of 5)" 

Evan Henke

"Here's the thing... I love wine and food. So, when I came to Ali looking for extra body sculpting my daily hikes weren't providing, I worried she'd ruin my life and change my eating and drinking habits. But, Ali doesn't believe in restricting your diet to boiled chicken and carrot shavings. She developed a workout routine for my problem areas and body type. After a few weeks, I saw big results. Now, my body is stronger, tighter and has that "she's in great shape" thing going on. Ali is so encouraging, funny, and knows how to handle it when you call her a "soul crushing wench" during an ab exercise. She makes going to the gym feel like going for wine and tapas with a friend. What more could a girl want?!"

Heather Flanders

"Ali whipped my chubby ass into shape in a matter of weeks. She provided me with a nutrition plan that I looked forward to eating and a great workout regimen."

Nick Warnock

"Recently I was hanging out with my 18 year old nephew. He's a skateboarder and also very athletic. He jokingly curled his arm and said "Feel my bicep." I told him that he's very strong. Then I curled my arm and said, "Feel mine!" He was quite impressed. It's all thanks to Ali P. She is very motivational and inspiring. Every time I think things are getting easier or that I'm going to have an "easy" workout today, Ali completely changes everything I'm doing. So then I'm back to square one and working harder than ever. I've also learned alot about nutrition from Ali. I think I"ve finally gotten it through my thick head that nutrition is about 85% of the battle of the bulge. If you're ready to make a lifestyle change and do something amazing for yourself, then you need to workout with Ali."

Leah Monnette

"Ali completely chaged my body.  On my first day of training, I could hardly do a pushup. After a year of working with her I feel stronger, healthier and look pretty damn good naked.  She pushes when she needs to, but knows your body and when it can't take anymore.  As great she is a trainer, she's an even better person. She makes working out fun, not a chore.   Every single penny was worth it!" 

Ryan Brasno

"As the 'wedding day countdown' began, one of the most important things on my agenda was to enlist the help of a physical trainer to whip my body into perfect-bride-to-be shape. My dress was strapless and built to fit like a glove...there'd be no mercy once it was on! As soon as I left my first session with Ali, I knew that she was 'the one' to guide my to my fitness goals. She tightened me up from top to bottom, always considering my personal needs, through our 1 hour weight lifting sessions and nutritional guidelines. I never really believed in weight lifting at the gym, always afraid it would bulk me up, but Ali proved me wrong, and gave me sculpted arms and a toned back to show off in my strapless gown. Even though I signed up for 10 weeks of training, Ali gave me a lifetime of fitness knowledge & instruction to continue reaching my goals. I still have her recommended 'grocery list' on my fridge for my weekly shopping!"

Katie Kribel Cates

"I've worked with several trainers in Hollywood and fired every one of them after a few months... Until I started training with Ali P. This little lady is so passionate about "changing lives" it's unbelievable. She knew I was on the fence about trying her nutrition plan, so she came to the grocery store with me and helped me cook a week's worth of food. She knows I'm really not fond of exercise, so she tailors my workouts to include things I enjoy and am good at. It's almost like she tricks me into having a butt-kicking workout. We laugh, I sweat, she cheers me on, I complain, but I always leave the gym feeling proud of myself, and amazed at how strong I've gotten. I never thought I would look forward to coming to the gym but I do."

Kurt Hahn

“My past experience with trainers was not a positive one. I always found that I had more energy then they did, and that the routines were so similar I could guess what we would be doing that day. When I met Ali I knew things were going to be different. Ali is upbeat and excited to see you every time you come into the gym. I never know what kind of exercises we will be doing that day! She might be little, but she can work you so hard that you really feel it. I know that my gym time is my personal time too, so to have a trainer that I can share what’s going on in my life with is amazing. She came into my life while I was going through a rough period in my life, and she was like my own personal angel because as cheesy as it sounds, she helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ali finds ways to relate to you and makes you feel right at home in the gym...whether you’ve been working out for days, months or years! Working out with Ali, I not only became comfortable in my own skin, but I gained a friend that I hold dear to my heart!”

Emma Sutton

"The shape of my body has changed completely. My "man boobs" are now pecs! My flat bottom is now round. When we started, I was curling 20 pound dumbbells, now I'm curling 40 pound dumbbells! And I feel good. Inside and out. Thanks to Ali, I've put down the soda bottle, and picked up the water bottle. It's not easy, but it works."

Marcus Dunstan

"Working out with Ali changed my life. She is an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. Her workouts had me into my “skinny jeans” in a matter of no time. She really knows what she is doing and can shape a workout that fits your body perfectly. I was someone who never went to the gym before I met Ali and now I get excited about working out! She keeps the routine new and challenging at the perfect pace. She is also really supportive and knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. I love how she helps me stay healthy outside of the gym by recommending healthy meals and activities. She does a great job of working with her clients on all aspects of health. Besides the amazing benefits I am receiving physically she is an incredible support and always has her clients best interest at heart. Signing up to work out with Ali was the best decision I ever made for myself."
-Jennifer Gay

Ali has literally changed my life. I just turned 40 and have never felt better!! We've been working out for a year now and my energy level is at highest in years, my work days have become a lot easier! I also love Ali's nutrition plan and advixe! The best thing though - the hour goes by so quickly because Ali P is super cool and so easy to talk to!! If you are feeling like you have low energy, overweight, unhealthy or all of the above, then I highly recommend Ali P, she is fantastic! Mark Friedman

"Every time I see Ali, I know I’m moving my body in the right direction! Ali has helped me lose inches, get healthy, and build muscle. She also took me to the grocery store. Ali hopped in the shopping cart and told me what to buy for my new meal plan. It’s great and I can totally handle it Monday thru Saturday! Ali has helped motivate me and push me past my comfort level. The best part is she keeps me laughing, which makes the workouts go by quickly!” 


"Ali is great! In addition to obtaining my goal with Ali which was to gain 10 pounds of muscle, I also learned the importance and value of nutrition when training. I highly recommend her regardless of your fitness goals." - Max Nelson

“So here’s the deal: if you’re fine going through life with just a “good personality” to offer the world then Ali probably can’t help you. That was me about 4 months ago. Then this tiny, amazing, hilarious woman came into my life and whipped me into shape! My measurements changed, my body completely transformed and more importantly, people actually like me now. And it’s not because of my “good personality.”In all seriousness, you have nothing to lose (except unhealthy attitudes) and everything to gain by working with Ali. I’m not someone who ever thought I would tolerate much less enjoy working out and eating right, and Ali has made both almost painless (and dare I say enjoyable). Her amazing energy and belief in you really pushes you to achieve your goals and sets her apart as a world-class trainer.”

Susan Posluszny

 "I have been training with Ali for a month and I can honestly say it has been one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of my life. She is so knowledgable and good at what she does, I have been floored by my results. The thing that is so special about Ali, though, is that not only is she an incredible trainer but she is also a fantastic, kind, and hilarious person. Her support and guidance have helped me to believe in mself; physically and mentally. Ali genuinely makes going to the gym, which has always been an absolutely miserable experience for me, a blast." -

Elisabeth Baker

"Ali P. is a Goddess! She's got me dropping pounds like I drop men! But seriously, she changed my life and I love her dearly. I've never felt or looked so good."

Marlee Welsh

"I must admit, I’m a consummate lazy butt who needs that extra push to get to the gym. However, I actually look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings because I know I’ll get to spend an hour with Ali P. Her blend of enthusiasm, humor and tough love is just what I need to keep me on track. Knowing that she wants me to reach my fitness goals just as badly as I do keeps me motivated. I’m so thankful to be her client/friend!" - Jennifer F.

"Ali does more than motivate you in the gym, she sets up an individualized program to help you achieve your goals, and follows up to make sure that you stay on track. I don't think we've ever done the same routine twice - she is always changing things up to keep your body guessing and your mind from wandering. She is always available to answer a question  ("really, no Diet Coke?") and is truly invested in the success of her clients. More than that, she is fun and funny, and I'm sure most if not all of her clients also consider her a dear friend."

Jenny Lavey

"I'm a very competitive person, so when my colleagues decided to have a weight loss challenge, I was in it to win it. I trained with Ali for 4 months, and it was unbelievable. In addition to getting 3 times stronger than when I started, my clothes were literally falling off of me! I had to get new jeans because my waist shrunk and new collared shirts because my neck shrunk too! I enjoyed having a structured eating schedule and never felt hungry or deprived. Unfortunately, I came in second in the weight loss challenge, but fortunately, I do not regret the time I spent in the gym getting Fit With Ali. I learned so much, had tremendous results, and if I hadn't moved out of her area, I would be training with her still. It wasn't easy, but she makes it fun."

David Landsness