Prenatal and Postnatal Training

Why is training while I'm pregnant important and how can Fit With Ali help me?

Building core stability is absolutely essential before, during and after pregnancy to prevent back injury and improve comfort and function. We’ll be doing a ton of core building work.

Every session will include a series of exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor. This is a plus for many reasons, my favorite being that it will help you with incontinence. I know you don't want to accidentally pee when you jump in the bouncey house with your future baby. Not cool.

Exercising while pregnant promotes a healthy baby!

You'll have more energy if you stay fit during pregnancy.

You'll have less weight gain, less swelling and less chance of having varicose veins.

You'll experience less of pregnancy woes such as back aches and difficulty sleeping.

It will be easier to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

Being strong helps with pushing during labor.

Being strong aids in recovering from a C-section.

You’ll learn diaphragmatic breathing. I teach all of my clients this -- male and female. It’s even more important while you’re pregnant.