About Ali

Passing my certification test from the American College of Sports Medicine in 2007 was one of my proudest moments.

The test was difficult and dealt intensively with anatomical and physiological issues. I was excited it was over so I could get out into the field and start changing lives! I’m thrilled to say I’ve changed dozens of lives in the past decade. Training is my passion and I am so lucky that I love what I do.

After I took a year or so off of my Fit With Ali business to have a baby and take care of her full time, I was pumped to get back to work. I decided I wanted to come back and focus on Pre- and Post-Natal Training because it was such a huge and positive part of my life. My pregnancy and labor were so zen and enjoyable, I wanted to spread my “secrets” to other mommies as well! I received a certification as a Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Specialist from The American Fitness Professionals & Associates and have been obsessed with training moms and ‘mommies to be’ ever since.

I believe in setting realistic goals; I believe that good form while exercising is EVERYTHING, and I’m proud to say in all of my years doing this I’ve never had a client get injured on my watch. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you’re ready to make the splendid decision to get Fit With Ali.