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Training is my passion

Passing my certification test from the American College of Sports Medicine in 2007 was one of my proudest moments. The test was difficult and dealt intensively with anatomical and physiological issues.

I was excited it was over so I could get out into the field and start changing lives! I’m thrilled to say I’ve changed dozens of lives in the past decade. Training is my passion and I am so lucky that I love what I do.

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and PostNatal

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"Ali makes working out fun! For the first time in my work-out career, I get excited to go to the gym and I am NOT a gym person. She's hilarious and makes the hour go by in a flash, but when you're done, she has somehow managed to kick your ass into shape without your knowledge. Plus she is really informed about nutrition and what needs to happen when you're out of the gym. Love Her! Love Her! Love Her... My biceps and abs love her too!"

Beth Dover